Information Management & Reporting

Ceradon manages both historical and new environmental information - for raw resource meter readings or for aggregated and analysed data (e.g. Carbon footprints)

Years of experience enable us to design and implement appropriate environmental information infrastructures - for large or small organisations - and for generation of robust reports to meet global, national and organisational requirements.

Software products for implementation of a seamless information IT/IS infrastructure – standalone or layered on your existing systems, and for modern reporting processes



  • Schema for all performance indicator groups
  • Extensible schema/model for specific requirements
  • Composite report creation from Ceradon & other data sources
  • Entitlement management for all data types and stakeholders
  • Integrated information administration tools.


  • Information Management (IM) strategies to capture & maintain indicator data integrity
  • Information migration planning to upgraded IM and/or IT/IS infrastructures
  • IM project management services

Why Us?

We have over 30 years of experience of Information Management strategy formulation, implementation and associated project management. Our knowledge of business and environmental/CSR IM needs make us a uniquely qualified resource to address and resolve your IM challenges.